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Department thanks the public for views on consultation

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Department of Social Care wishes to thank the public for submitting their views to its consultation on the draft Regulation of Care Bill. The Bill will introduce a comprehensive, robust and proportionate regulatory system for social care and non-NHS care services, providing protection for care service users, many of whom are society's most vulnerable people. The number of people who need care services is expected to continue to increase significantly, not least due to the rising number of older people on the Island over the coming decades. Greater regulation of these care services will help to reassure the public as they seek such care services for themselves and their relatives.

The consultation was launched at the end of February and sought comments from interested parties on the draft Bill. The consultation received 105 responses via the online questionnaire, email and post. Alongside the written consultation the Department held 21 stakeholders meetings which were attended by 170 individuals.

The Minister for Social Care Hon Chris Robertshaw MHK commented:

'I am encouraged we have received responses from the public, the care providers and others in our community on this important topic. I am committed to ensuring the Island has effective regulation of care services that protects the vulnerable while also encouraging both the private and third sectors to provide ever-more innovative care services. My Department is now reviewing the comments received. I will issue a detailed report on the issues raised and subsequent changes to the draft Bill later this year before bringing the revised Bill before Tynwald.'

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