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The Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Act 2010 - Renewal of final designations

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Act 2010 (of Parliament), as it applies in the Isle of Man, implements the terrorist asset-freezing requirements of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) and Council Regulation (EU) No. 2580/2001.

Renewal of final designations

The Treasury has renewed final designations in respect of the following individual and entity:

Deleted information appears in square brackets [ ]. Additional information appears in italics.


MOHAMMED, Khalid, Shaikh


  1. 01/03/1964
  2. 14/04/1965


  1. Kuwait
  2. Pakistan


  1. ALI, Salem
  2. BIN KHALID, Fahd, Bin Adballah
  3. HENIN, Ashraf, Refaat, Nabith
  4. MOHAMMED, Khalid, Sheikh
  5. WADOOD, Khalid, Adbul

Nationality: Kuwaiti citizenship

Passport Details: 488555

Other Information: Both UK listing and EU listing. In US custody (as at Feb 2012 [Mar 2011])

Group ID: 6994

Date of renewal of final designation: 14 February 2012



Other Information: Both UK listing and EU listing.

Group ID: 7185

Date of renewal of final designation: 14 February 2012

The final designations expire 1 year from the date made, unless revoked earlier or renewed.

Section 26 of the Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Act 2010 allows a designated person to appeal to the High Court against any decision of the Treasury to make or vary, or not to make or vary, any interim or final designation, or to renew a final designation.

Financial institutions and other persons are requested to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold funds or economic resources for, or provide financial services to, the designated individual or entity. If so, they must freeze such accounts or other funds and, unless licensed by the Treasury, refrain from dealing with said funds or economic resources, and suspend the provision of any financial services. They must also report their findings to the Sanctions Officer at the Customs and Excise Division of the Treasury. Where a relevant institution has already reported details of accounts, other funds or economic resources held frozen for the designated individual or entity they are not required to report these details again.

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