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Update from the Isle of Man Ship Registry

Thursday, 30 August 2012

At 1500 hrs on the 30 August it was confirmed to the Isle of Man Ship Registry by the vessel’s operators that the Manx registered tanker, ‘Energy Centurion’, has been released by its captors and was back under the control of its Master and his crew. The vessel was released in Nigerian waters after being taken hostage off Togo in West Africa on Tuesday 28 August.

The crew of the vessel were released unharmed to take over control of the ship which was drifting off Nigeria. The pirates stole approximately 3,100 Tonnes of gas oil from the tanker’s cargo as well as cash, valuables and items of equipment from the ship. Personal effects and cash were also stolen from the crew.

The Isle of Man Ship Registry, which maintained a close liaison with the operators of the ship during this difficult time, stressed that the most important aspect for all the organisations involved in this incident was to try to ensure the safety of the crew on board.

David Morter, Deputy Director of the Ship Registry said:

'We are relieved that the vessel has now been released and that the crew are physically unharmed, although they will have been through a great deal during their ordeal and our thoughts go out to them and their families.'

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