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Department of Health announces plans for addiction services

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hon David Anderson MHK - Minister for HealthThe Department of Health is pleased to announce plans to proceed with contracting with one partner agency, the Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service, for the provision of open access, support and advice services for addictions.

The Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service (IOMAAS) is a well known and respected registered charity which has been working effectively within the field of alcohol misuse on the Island since 1978. The development of this contractual arrangement will further cement IOMAAS’s expansion in the specialist field of addictions work by adding support for adult drug misuse to services already provided for alcohol and gambling.

The Department plans a further announcement in due course concerning the detail of the contractual arrangements and the scope of service provision.

Minister for Health, David Anderson MHK, said:

'The Department, as a result of a review of presenting need, is dlighted to be in a position to develop a robust contractual arrangement with the Alcohol Advisory Service which not only ensures a consistent, effective service for clients, but also value for money for the general public. Developing a partnership arrangement with a single agency such as the IOMAAS has a significant impact on reducing contractual costs whilst allowing greater scope for further development of services.'

Leonard Singer MHK, Member for Mental Health Services
Leonard Singer MHK, Member for Mental Health Services

Member for Mental Health Services, Leonard Singer MHK, said:

'The Alcohol Advisory Service has an excellent local reputation and as a single partner agency will provide an efficient and supportive range of confidential services for those clients whose lives are affected by alcohol, drugs and / or gambling.'

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