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Registration of Private Sector Landlords

The Landlord Registration (Private Housing) Act 2021 has received receive Royal Assent following its approval in Tynwald in June 2021.

The main purpose of the Act is to make it mandatory for private sector landlords to register themselves, their properties and where appropriate their agents. To do so they will self-declare that they meet certain personal, management and property standards.

We will make the transition to mandatory registration as smooth as possible by introducing a voluntary registration scheme this year and we will also be publishing guidance to landlords to inform them of their obligations.

Key facts you need to know:


Voluntary Registration

Is free of charge and is available to apply for now (see below).

Mandatory Registration

A framework for mandatory registration is being developed for formal introduction in 2022. There is no current legal requirement to register though you may use your voluntary registration status when marketing and letting your property.

Secondary Legislation

Is being drafted, this includes:

  • The Minimum Standards,

  • RegistrationRequirements, and

  • Enforcement Provisions

  • The Department is also working on an Occupancy Deposit Scheme

All private sector landlords of residential properties will be required to register when the scheme becomes mandatory, unless covered by one of the exceptions listed in the Bill. The following are a few examples of exceptions for when residential landlords will not be required to register:

  • Landlords of tourist accommodation letting out properties for periods less than six months
  • Landlords who share their own home with no more than two other occupiers,
  • Landlords who only rent to their own close relatives, and
  • Landlords who rent to their own employees as required for the employee to carry out their duties

If you would like any further guidance about the Landlord Registration Act or the active Voluntary Landlord Register please contact us at:


Telephone: Housing Customer Services Team at +44 1624 685955

Voluntary Landlord Registration Scheme (VLRS) - Open now for applications

Landlords can now register to become a member of the re-launched VLRS. The application form for the Scheme and the guidance for applicants can be found in the 'Downloadable Documents' section of this page. Members of the VLRS will benefit from the following:

  • Free Registration
  • Registration which will last for 5 years
  • Landlords registered upon the Voluntary Scheme will be transferred over to the mandatory scheme when it becomes active, free of charge for the remainder of the registration period. (subject to making a self-declaration that they meet the required standards)

In order to register to the Voluntary Scheme landlords will need to make a self-declaration to confirm that their rental properties meet certain management, condition and safety standards.

The Department will treat your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Landlord Registration (Private Housing) Act 2021

In July 2021 Tynwald formally approved the Bill which will make it mandatory for landlords to register themselves, their representatives and their properties in order for them to remain a landlord on the Island. The Bill then received Royal Assent in December 2021, making the Bill formally renamed as The Landlord Registration (Private Housing) Act 2021.

Before registration becomes mandatory the Department is required to draft and consult upon Regulations which will set out how the Act will operate at a practical level and which will make registration a requirement in law.

It is the Department’s intention to work closely with the private rental sector to make the transition into this regulatory requirement as smooth as possible.

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