Isle of Man Government
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ACSPAssociation of Corporate Service Providers (Isle of Man)
AIMAlternative Investment Market
AML/CFT (and PF)Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (and Proliferation Financing)
AML/CFT HandbookAnti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Handbook
APSPAssociation of Pension Scheme Providers (Isle of Man)
Basel CommitteeThe Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BISBank for International Settlements
CAROLConsolidation and Review of Legislation
CDDCustomer Due Diligence
CFTCountering the Financing of Terrorism
CISCollective Investment Schemes
Commission, theFinancial Supervision Commission (replaced by IOMFSA from 1/11/15)
CoMinCouncil of Ministers (Isle of Man)
CSPCorporate Service Provider
CSPACorporate Service Providers Act
DNFBPsDesignated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
ECEuropean Commission
EIFExperienced Investor Fund
EIOPAEuropean Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
EUEuropean Union
EUSDEuropean Union Savings Directive
FATCAForeign Account Tax Compliance Act (US)
FATFFinancial Action Task Force
FCUFinancial Crime Unit (Isle of Man)
FMAIsle of Man Fund Management Association
FPIBAFinancial Planners and Insurance Brokers Association (Isle of Man)
FRCFinancial Reporting Council (UK)
FSA 1988Financial Supervision Act 1988
FSBFinancial Stability Board
FSCFinancial Supervision Commission (replaced by IOMFSA from 1/11/15)
FSFFinancial Stability Forum
FSOSFinancial Services Ombudsman Service (Isle of Man)
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Standards
GIFCS (formerly OGBS)Group of International Finance Centre Supervisors (formerly the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors)
GIICS (formerly OGIS)Group of International Insurance Centre Supervisors (formerly the Offshore Group of Insurance Supervisors)
GSCGambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Man)
IBAInvestment Business Act 1991 to 1993
IAISInternational Association of Insurance Supervisors
ICSAInstitute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
ICPsInsurance Core Principles
IIPInvestors in People
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IA2008Insurance Act 2008
IOMCAIsle of Man Captive Association
IOMFSAIsle of Man Financial Services Authority
IOMSCAIsle of Man Society of Chartered Accountants
IOPSInternational Organisation of Pension Supervisors
IOSCOThe International Organisation of Securities Commissions
IPAInsurance and Pensions Authority (replaced by IOMFSA from 1/11/15)
IslandIsle of Man
JAMLAGJoint Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Group
KYCKnow Your Customer
LLCLimited Liability Company (formed under the Isle of Man’s Limited Liability Companies Act 1996)
LPLimited Partnership (formed under the Isle of Man’s Partnership Act 1909)
MASManx Actuarial Society
MIAManx Insurance Association
MLROMoney Laundering Reporting Officer
MMOUMultilateral Memorandum of Understanding
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MONEYVALCommittee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (EU)
NAVNet Asset Value
NCCTNon-cooperative Countries and Territories
NRANational Risk Assessment
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFCOffshore Financial Centre
OFTOffice of Fair Trading
OGBSOffshore Group of Banking Supervisors
PIFProfessional Investor Fund
QFQualifying Fund
RPIRetail Price Index
RBSARetirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000
SFSpecialist Fund
SIStatutory Investment
TSPTrust Service Provider
UKUnited Kingdom
UNUnited Nations
USUnited States