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Health and Social Care

Head Office

Crookall House

Demesne Road


Isle of Man



+44 1624 642608


Hon David Ashford MHK


(interim) Kathryn Magson


Gross Income £53,552,000, Gross Expenditure £276,672,000, Net Expenditure £223,120,000


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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) provides a comprehensive range of vital services that contribute to the Isle of Man’s unique quality of life.

These services include:

  • general practitioner and dental services
  • community healthcare
  • hospital healthcare
  • mental healthcare
  • social services for adults and for children and families
  • specialist off-Island care.

Since 1948 the Isle of Man has operated a health service where the majority of care is available free when people need it.  Some of the Isle of Man’s social care services are also provided free in this way, whereas others are charged for.

The Isle of Man has a well-integrated system when compared to many of its neighbours.  The DHSC as a single organisation is responsible for setting policy, funding care, and directly delivering services or, alternatively, commissioning other providers.

The DHSC has a five year strategy to improve health and social care services for the people of the Isle of Man. The plan focuses on five goals:

  • help people to take greater responsibility for their own health
  • deliver more care in the community, closer to people’s homes
  • improve hospital care
  • protect vulnerable people
  • ensure good value care

You can find out more about the DHSC’s strategy and can view the latest service delivery plan which forms part of the Programme for Government.

IoM Hospitals Annual Report 2017-18

This is the first time that the Hospitals Directorate has produced an annual report; it is intended to provide you with a valuable insight into the successes and challenges of the last year. Please view the IoM Hospitals Annual Report 2017-18 for more information. 

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