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IOM Conditions and variations

NESTFORMS APP: Electronic Daily Catch Return (EDCR)

There is an a requirement to complete a NESTFORMS Electronic Daily Catch Return (EDCR) for the king and queen scallop fisheries. This has been introduced to assist in the development of electronic data capture to manage the Isle of Man scallop fisheries. Masters and skippers who require more information should contact the department directly on +44 1621 685857.

Please see the downloadable instructions for Android or iPhone for further details. The Electronic Daily Scallop Catch Return can also be completed via a web browser at

10m & under vessels: Catch Recording APP

A digital catch recording system has been introduced for the U10m sector of the IoM fleet, with effect from 25 March 2020.  Reporting requirements for Isle of Man registered vessels are included within the Isle of Man Sea Fishing Licence Conditions (IOMFL CONDITIONS).

Please be aware that the requirement to submit NESTFORMS and Monthly Shellfish Returns also remain in place and these should be submitted alongside the catch recording App.

Digital Assistance:  Within your registration details for digital catch reporting there is an option to contact the UK Call Centre with any reporting issues.  However, as an Isle of Man registered vessel you should contact DEFA Fisheries Division on 01624 685837 to ask for assistance or report any problems with the catch recording service. This service is only available during normal office hours (9AM – 5PM), outside these hours you can email

Please note that the fishing restriction in the Douglas bank area of Manx waters remains in place through the Isle of Man's domestic Sea-Fisheries (Technical Measures) Bye-Laws 2000, Part III (Restrictions on fishing for Herring), Section 18 (1) - Subject to paragraph (2), no person shall retain on board herring which are caught from 21 September to 15 November within that part of the territorial sea lying within that part of ICES Division VIIa bounded by the following co-ordinates:

  • The East coast of the Island at Latitude 54˚ 20'N
  • Latitude 54˚ 20'N, Longitude 003˚ 40'W
  • Latitude 53˚ 50'N, Longitude 003˚ 50'W
  • Latitude 53˚ 50'N, Longitude 004˚ 50'W
  • The south-west coast of the Island at longitude 004˚ 50'W

Notification of changes to your IOM licence will be posted on this page on a weekly basis. It is the responsibility of the master and owner to check this information and ensure that vessels are operated in compliance with the latest conditions.

All variations to licences will now be communicated via this website. Usually this will occur on a weekly basis, no later than 1pm every Thursday. However, due to the reactive nature of fisheries management this may not always be possible. Whilst an alert message will be sent via email and telephone whenever possible, it remains the responsibility of the owner and master to ensure that they are aware of the most up to date information and that the Licence, Conditions, Schedule and Annexe are kept up to date. 

For further information, please contact +44 1624 685857.

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