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Evidence base

In order to prepare plans, or to monitor the effect of operational plans, the Department gathers evidence. This evidence is collectively termed the Evidence Base and covers a wide range of subjects.

Every year an update is undertaken of the Residential Land Availability Study (RLAS). The latest RLAS (Update 16) is available to download from this page. The study monitors the rate at which housing is being completed across the Island. This provides valuable data on where there is land still available for housing.

An Employment Land Review has been carried out and is available. 

Both studies are referred to in the preparation of the Area Plans as a mechanism for assisting in deciding how much land needs to be released for development. A Landscape Character Assessment was produced in 2008 and is available to download from this page.

Often the evidence base covers work from other areas of Government for instance highways, education, health, social care, economic development. Reports which are used in the preparation of plans will normally be made available as part of the public consultation stages of the relevant plan.

Also available to download is the Soils Classification Report, a soils report undertaken in 2001 but is still occasionally referred to in the assessment of the land value of agricultural land.

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