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Digital Strategy

Isle of Man Government has published its digital strategy, outlining plans to increase the use of digital services. 

The goal of Digital Strategy 2022-27 is to ensure that the Isle of Man Government is well placed to support the future growth and transition required for a digital society.

With any strategy or plan it is vitally important to always start with the question "Why?". In the case of the Digital Strategy 2022-27, the initial start point was to build on the successes of the Digital Strategy v0.1. The second key element was to ensure that the island's "digital infrastructure is well placed to support future growth and transition in a global move towards a digital society". The move towards a digital society is the key element of this extract. Our "why" is to answer the increasing demand for public services to be "digitally enabled" by delivering lean, straightforward and modern Digital Services.

The purpose of the Digital Strategy 2022-27 is to build a digitally secure, vibrant, and sustainable platform to enable Government Departments to deliver digital transformation programmes. To achieve this we must ensure that Government delivers transformational services using "robust technologies....that enhance the Island as a place to live, work and invest". With this, the Digital Strategy 2022-27's vision: "Enabling the modernisation of Government's digital services through the effective use of technology" works in harmony with the Island Plan.

For the Digital Strategy 2022-27, we have invited political oversight, departmental opinion and industry reviews allowing full transparency and scrutiny.

For the strategy to succeed it must ensure that "Why?" is asked for everything that we aim to achieve. We need to ensure that investment and digital enhancements are fully justified, providing the cornerstone for our common  purpose. For Government to transform its services, it is key for all digital projects and deliverables to utilise this strategy as a reference to ensure services are standardised, easy to access and compelling to use.

Only through a joined-up, concerted effort will Government be able to achieve true digital transformation of its services and for the benefits to be realised now, and into the future.

A new, dedicated website for the Digital Strategy will soon be published.

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