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Health and Social Care

Head Office

First Floor

Belgravia House

Circular Road




+44 1624 685816


Gross Income £53,552,000, Gross Expenditure £276,672,000, Net Expenditure £223,120,000


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Minister: Hon Lawrie Hooper MHK

Chief Officer: Stuart Quayle (Interim Chief Executive)

Political Members:

  • Joney Faragher
  • Dr Michelle Haywood MHK
  • Tanya August-Hanson MLC

Manx Care is now responsible for the delivery of health and social care services including:

  • COVID-19  Vaccination Certificates
  • Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service (MCALS)
  • Primary Care Services
  • Patient Transfers
  • Podiatry

Please visit Manx Care for further information.

What we do

The Department of Health and Social Care redesigned on 1 April 2021 as a direct result of Sir Jonathan Michael’s Independent Review of the Isle of Manx Health and Care System.  This Review continues to be a catalyst for change and improved service provision.  The redesigned DHSC ensures the separation between the setting of policy and strategy and the delivery of services by Manx Care.

Improving services isn’t enough in itself. Behind it we need a structure of good governance, clarity on what we will deliver by when, how we will deliver these goals and assurance that the right oversight and reporting is in place. The relationship between the Department and Manx Care is designed to achieve that. The Department has set out its strategy and annual priorities within the Mandate to Manx Care. The Department will hold Manx Care accountable for the delivery of services, the outcomes, and any directed efficiencies.

The Department shall strategically commission, through this Mandate, health and social care services from Manx Care and it shall assure Manx Care’s performance in delivering such services.

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