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Aircraft Registry

Registry Publications

The standards that applicants are expected to meet in order to be granted a validation, certificate, permission or approval are contained in the supporting documentation published by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

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Industry Information

RP 1 Checklist for Registering Aircraft in the Isle of Man

RP 3 Benefits of IOM Aircraft Registry

RP 42 Registration of Commercial Airliners which are parked or between leases

RP 48 Service Level Agreement

Industry Guidance

RP 2 Qualified ownership

RP 4 Guidance and Information on Applying for Operating Approvals and Renewals

RP 5 Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) Airworthiness Requirements

RP 6 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Preparation Guide

RP 7 Checklist for Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) Issue

RP 8 Airworthiness Directives

RP 9 Airworthiness Guidance

RP 11 Maintenance Programme Declaration and Approval

RP 12 Export C of A and De-registration

RP 13 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) or Personal Locator Transmitter (PLB) Registration

RP 15 The Display of Nationality and Registration Marks on Aircraft

RP 16 Light Aircraft Pilot Maintenance

RP 17 Checklist for Renewal of a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)

RP 25 Operational and emergency equipment

RP 33 Permit to Fly

RP 35 Operating Standards for Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)

RP 39 All Weather Operations

RP 44 Guidance and Information on EVS HUD Application

RP 52 Changes of Aircraft Details

RP 53 Acceptance to issue a CRS on IOM registered aircraft ( EASA Part 145 )

RP 57 Application for ICAO 3 Letter Designators and Telephony Designators

RP 58 First Aid Kit Contents - Guidance for Operators of Isle of Man Registered Aircraft

RP 61 Isle of Man Aircraft Registry Complaints Procedure

RP 62 Births, Deaths, Missing Persons

RP 63 Civil Aircraft Operations Over or Close to Conflict Zones

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