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Ground Rules

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry - Ground Rules

There are some fundamental points which you should be aware of before proceeding too far down the registration process.

  • Our policy is to only accept airplanes over 5,700 kgs MTOM and twin turbine engine helicopters. Aircraft with a MTOM of between 2,730 kgs and 5,700 kgs may be considered for registration only if supported by significant economic benefit to the Isle of Man. There is no MTOM restriction for aircraft registered for Isle of Man residents.
  • Aircraft registered on the Isle of Man are prohibited from conducting Public Transport / Commercial Air Transport or aerial work flights. In the event the Aircraft Registry finds evidence that this prohibition has been broken, we will have no hesitation in prosecuting the owner / operator.
  • The Isle of Man offer a specialist service to assist commercial airliner owners whilst the aircraft is between commercial lease agreements.
  • Acceptable Means of Compliance with our legislation, airworthiness guidance and actions in the event of an accident or incident are contained in the linked documents within this section.

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