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Isle of Man Aircraft Registry - Airspace and PBN Approvals

The following Airspace Approvals are available - RVSM and NAT HLA (MNPS) and the following PBN Approvals; RNAV 10 (RNP 10), RNP 4, RNP 2 Oceanic/Remote & Continental, RNP 2 Continental Only, RNAV 5 (B-RNAV, RNP 5), RNAV 1 (P-RNAV) RNAV 2, RNP1 and RNP APCH.

Refer to RP4 for further details on each approval.

NOTE: For each airspace PBN approval requested, you will need to supply evidence that the aircraft is equipped and capable of conducting these type of operations and for some approvals, that the flight crew are trained and current.

Downloadable Documents
Acrobat PDF FileF50 - Checklist and Declaration for RNP APCH Approval (677 kb)
Format:Acrobat PDF File
Acrobat PDF FileRP4 Operating Approvals (640 kb)
Format:Acrobat PDF File

You will need Adobe Acrobat to download documents that are PDFs, this is available free by following this link:Download Adobe Acrobat

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