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The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry was established to provide a customer focused service for the registration of high quality private and corporate jets and high quality twin turbine-engine helicopters. Isle of Man registered aircraft cannot be used for Commercial Air Transport. As the largest dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe, the Registry offers high international standards and a competitive scheme of charges. Our policy is to only accept airplanes over 5,700 kgs MTOM and twin turbine helicopters. Aircraft with a MTOM of between 2,730 kgs and 5,700 kgs may be considered for registration only if supported by significant economic benefit to the Isle of Man. There is no MTOM restriction for aircraft registered for Isle of Man residents.

We have twenty Surveyors resident in Central Europe, USA, UK and the Isle of Man, which enables us to provide an efficient and cost-effective service.

  • Our latest Registry Publication explaining the service we offer banks and leasing companies for the registration of commercial airliners, which are parked or between leases can be found here.
  • We are receiving a number of requests for information on the forthcoming EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The following link provides UK information - Department of Energy & Climate Change

  • At the beginning of October 2016, just over 9 years since the Registry commenced operations, we registered our 900th aircraft with over 460 aircraft active on the Register.

    The Isle of Man has an international reputation as a tax-efficient, but responsible and co-operative jurisdiction and appears on the OECD ‘white list’ of countries complying with the global standard for tax co-operation and exchange of information.

    As a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom (UK), the Isle of Man falls within the UK’s ratification of the Chicago Convention. ICAO Standards and Recommended practices are implemented in the Isle of Man and all information required under ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) is maintained and updated. The Isle of Man was audited by ICAO in 2009 as part of the UK USOAP inspection, performing very strongly with results comparable to States with long-established Safety Regulatory systems. The ICAO audit also provided an opportunity to identify areas of further development, which have subsequently been acted on.

    Some other benefits of registering an aircraft in the Isle of Man:
    • High regulatory standards
    • High service levels and Award winning international reputation
    • Neutral Nationality registration prefix allocated by the ITU and notified to ICAO
    • Secure mortgage register
    • No insurance premium tax
    • European time zone
    • Professional infrastructure with experience in aviation finance
    • Clear and simple taxation regime
    • Stable legal and political environment

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any further information you require.

    Simon Williams
    Director of Civil Aviation

    Colin Gill
    Deputy Director of Civil Aviation

    Gary Raby
    Chief Surveyor

    Mark Manton
    Flight Operations Manager

    Adrian Tickle
    Flight Operations Technical Manager

    Sherilyn Kelly
    Registry Services Manager

    Isle of Man Aircraft Registry
    St George's Court
    Upper Church Street
    Isle of Man IM1 1EX
    British Isles

    Tel + 44 (0)1624 682358
    Fax + 44 (0)1624 682355


    Further information about the Isle of Man is available from the 'Isle of Man Where you Can' website:

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