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TopicAgencyTitleConsultation Period
Fees 2017I.O.M.F.S.AFees 2017

This paper details the 2017 fees for entities licensed, authorised or registered under the Financial Services Act 2008, Insurance Act 2008, Retirement Benefit Schemes Act 2000 or that have responsibility for funds under the Collective Investment Schemes Act 2008. It does not propose changes to the fees paid by designated businesses.

25 November 2016 - 6 January 2017
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Regulations 2017Ship RegistryConsultation on Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Regulations 2017

Consultation on proposed changes to the ISM, ISPS and Survey and Certification Regulations for cargo ships. The amendments to the Regulations are part of the Ship Registry's project to change its survey and certification regime and to fully delegate ISM, ISPS and MLC verifications to Class.

17 November 2016 - 3 January 2017
CP16-04 QIS3 Exercise for Non-Life Insurers I.O.M.F.S.ACP16-04 QIS3 Exercise for Non-Life Insurers

This paper provides details of the third quantitative impact study for non-life insurance business (“QIS3”).

Technical specifications and their appendices for non-life insurance business are also attached, together with a set of risk free curves for the currencies set out in the technical specifications, results templates, and helper spreadsheets. A questionnaire for completion by respondents is also attached.

1 September 2016 - 31 December 2016
3rd Quantitative Impact Study for Life InsurersI.O.M.F.S.A3rd Quantitative Impact Study for Life Insurers

As detailed in the FSA’s 2016 Roadmap, we are today issuing a consultation paper CP16-05. This paper sets out the timescales for the QIS3 exercise for life insurers and reinsurers, describes changes to the Standard Formula being tested in QIS3 compared with that for QIS2, and provides additional guidance on some aspects of the calculation in order to promote consistency of approach across respondents.

4 October 2016 - 31 December 2016
DP16-07 Insurance Intermediaries I.O.M.F.S.ADP16-07 Insurance Intermediaries

This discussion paper sets out the Authority’s initial views on developing the Island’s existing regulatory framework for the supervision of general insurance intermediaries, taking into account developing international standards, including the IAIS ICPs.

28 October 2016 - 23 December 2016
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