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TopicAgencyTitleConsultation Period
Amendment of Cattle Identification LegislationD.E.F.ADEFA seeks to simplify notification of cattle deaths

This consultation seeks to inform of a proposal for one specific change to legislation controlling the identification of cattle.

18 July 2016 - 26 August 2016
Enhanced Requirements for Accounting RecordsTreasuryEnhanced Requirements for Accounting Records

This consultation addresses the updating of the Island’s income tax legislation on the making and keeping of accounting records in order to meet international standards.

The power to make regulations to achieve this was contained in the Income Tax Bill 2015 and, during the passage of the Bill through the Branches, it was made clear that the Assessor of Income Tax would consult on any proposed regulations drawn up under the new power. The resulting Act came into operation on 21 July 2015.

Proposed regulations have now been drafted and are contained in this consultation document which also explains why the current legislation needs to be updated and provides a brief summary of the regulations being proposed.

12 July 2016 - 26 August 2016
Criminal Justice, Sentencing and Offender ManagementChief Executive's OfficeConsultation on legislation to implement the Criminal Justice Strategy

The Department wishes to invite comment on proposals to update the Island’s legislation with regard to criminal justice, sentencing and offender management.

The attached consultation outlines these policy proposals and seeks views on any possible additional proposals or legislative measures that may be appropriate and helpful at this time. It is recognised these proposals, if converted or transferred into a Bill, would only constitute a part of the process of implementing the Criminal justice Strategy, which in itself is meant to be a dynamic undertaking.

Paper copies and large print copies of the consultation documents may be supplied upon request.

11 July 2016 - 19 September 2016
CP16-03 Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Insurance Sales Process (Long-term business) I.O.M.F.S.ACP16-03 Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Insurance Sales Process (Long-term business)

This consultation paper sets out the Authority’s views on developing the Island’s existing regulatory framework to enhance the fair treatment of policyholders by ensuring that any conflicts of interest that arise during the insurance sales process are disclosed and thereby mitigated. The Authority also wants to make sure that future developments will take into account similar requirements and anticipated future developments in jurisdictions in which local insurers operate and compete.

CP16-03 builds on the draft binding guidance issued in CP15-02, the Conduct of Business Code (Long Term Insurers) (“the Code”), to place requirements on Class 1 and 2 authorised insurers in respect of managing conflicts of interest and in particular the disclosure of remuneration payable to intermediaries in the sales process.

This paper includes proposals for additional disclosures to be made in Key Information Documents (“KID”), regarding costs and demonstrating the impact of policy charges.

7 July 2016 - 2 September 2016
Consultation on proposed management measures for the king scallop fishery within the Isle of Man territorial sea.D.E.F.AProposals for Future Management of the Isle of Man King Scallop Fishery

This consultation seeks to inform stakeholders of the Department’s commitment to safeguard king scallop stocks within the territorial sea and to seek views on a range of proposed management measures designed to regulate and reduce the level of fishing effort for king scallops within the territorial sea.

6 July 2016 - 17 August 2016
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