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Cabinet Office

Head Office

Third Floor

Government Office

Bucks Road




+44 1624 685711


Gross Income £1,547,000, Gross Expenditure £31,995,000, Net Expenditure £30,448,000


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Chief Minister: Hon Alfred Cannan MHK

Chief Executive Officer (Isle of Man Government): Andy Ralphs

Minister for the Cabinet Office: Hon Kate Lord-Brennan MHK

Chief Operating Officer: Dr Megan Mathias MBE

Department members: 

  • David Ashford MBE MHK
  • Diane Kelsey MLC

The Cabinet Office plays a central role in the Isle of Man Government. We are responsible for:

  • giving impartial advice and services to the Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers and to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor

  • Governance and administration of the Council of Ministers, Planning Appeals and inquiries for Planning Inspectors

  • leading the development, co-ordination and application of policies that will affect more than one department

  • representing the Island on the international stage and developing our global strategies

  • acting as the corporate central hub – providing government's human resources, technology and the Government Communication services

  • ensuring that we work better – by promoting reform, striving to improve the way we provide our services, building business plans, and project managing these changes

Offices within Cabinet Office

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

Responsible for: staffing, employee support, Learning Education and Development (LEaD), management information and advice services for employees and managers.

Executive Office

Responsible for: supporting the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, planning appeals, Freedom of Information requests, records management.

Statistics Isle of Man

Responsible for: independent statistical analysis, principal collator and publisher of official statistics for the Island including the census, labour market and inflation reports.

Government Technology Services (GTS)

Responsible for: digital transformation, systems support and improvements, cyber security strategy.

Business Change Services (BCS)

Responsible for: programme and change management support for delivering corporate projects.

Crown and External Relations

Responsible for: Elections, Political Engagement Programme, International Development Fund, Crown Functions, Government Communications Service, Anti-Money Laundering/Combatting the Financing of Terror policy office and data protection.

Planning Policy

Responsible for: Island Development Plan, National Policy Directives, Conservation Areas, prepare and maintain the evidence base, issuance of planning guidance and legislation under and including the Town and Country Planning Act 1999.

Policy Development

Responsible for: development of cross-departmental and national policy. As a central policy hub it researches and develops policy prioritised by the Island Plan and related boards, as well as responding to emerging needs from a policy, promotion and central implementation perspective if needed, from the Cabinet Office. Management of the Welcome Centre.

Public Health

Responsible for: protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of residents, reduction of health inequalities, health intelligence gathering, management of infectious disease outbreaks, identification of policy areas, research governance and regulation.

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