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Central Registry

The Central Registry comprises the following:

Civil Registry (births, deaths and marriage)

The Civil Registry is responsible for registering life events such as births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships which take place on the Isle of Man.

For details on registering a birth or death please visit the Civil Registry homepage.

To order certified copies of certificates please visit the Order copy certificates page.

For all other queries regarding births, deaths and marriage please visit the Civil Registry homepage.

Companies Registry

Companies Registry maintains the register and records of all companies and other business types incorporated in the Isle of Man, and provides a facility for the public to view documents which have been filed.

Filing for the Companies Registry should be sent via post. All Companies Registry enquires should be directed to

The Companies Registry consists of eight distinct registries, each with their own legislation, fees and statutory filing obligations. In this connection it incorporates or registers:

  • Industrial societies under the Industrial & Building Societies Acts 1892 to 1979

  • Limited partnerships under the Partnership Act 1909

  • Business names under the Registration of Business Names Acts 1918 & 1954

  • Companies in terms of the Companies Acts 1931 to 2004

  • Foreign companies in terms of the Foreign Companies Act 2014

  • Repealed August 2014 - Foreign Companies in terms of Part XI of the Companies Act 1931

  • LLCs in terms of the Limited Liability Companies Act 1996

  • Companies under the Companies Act 2006

  • Foundations under the Foundations Act 2011

Companies Registry's functions also require it to:

  • Examine and store information delivered under the above Acts

  • Make this information available to the public

  • Ensure that filing requirements are met and take remedial action where necessary

  • Dissolve or deregister defunct businesses

For further information please visit the Companies Registry webpage.

Deeds Registry

The Deeds Registry is responsible for the recording and safe storage of deeds and other important life events.

In addition to the recordal and safe storage of deeds described above, all deeds registered from 1911 to the present day are available for viewing in the Deeds Registry. All deeds prior to 1911 are house in the Manx Museum.

Purchases and requests for deeds can be made online - see for more information.

Land Registry

The Land Registry aims to create and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of interests in land and property, including details of ownership.

For further information please visit the Land Registry page.

Legal Practitioners

Central registry is responsible for the registration of Legal Practitioners in the Isle of Man.

Probate Registry

The Probate Registry is responsible for the safekeeping of probate records following the issue of a Grant of Probate from the High Court. Probate records in relation to Grants of Probate issued since 1950 can be viewed at our public counter and by prior arrangement, probate files from 1911 to 1949 can be made available at our public counter, however this requires prior notice and normally takes three working days to arrange. Probate records prior to 1911 are housed in the Manx Museum.

Public Record Office

The Isle of Man Public Record Office preserves records of the Isle of Man government and other Manx public bodies that are of historical and cultural significance. Our holdings include records from:

  • Tynwald

  • Isle of Man government departments and their predecessors, such as the Boards

  • Other organisations which are part of government, including General Registry

  • Local authorities

  • Courts

  • Other local public bodies included in the Public Records Act 1999

Trade Unions

The Central Registry is responsible for the registration of Trade Unions in the Isle of Man.

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