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Who needs a work permit?

Subject to the following, anyone who is not classed as an 'Isle of Man worker' requires a work permit to take up employment, (including self-employment), in the Island.

There are exemptions for a number of occupations and employments, and for certain temporary employments

Workers who hold an Immigration Status which is defined as an "Immigration Employment Document" do not require work permits. Following the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union (commonly referred to as "Brexit"), EEA nationals who hold "Settled status" (whether issued in the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, or the Channel Islands) will continue to work under the Isle of Man's work permit system in the usual way. Irish Nationals will also continue to work under the Isle of Man's Work Permit system in the usual way.

The following are, upon application, entitled to an automatic permit  -

An employer must not employ a person unless he or she is an Isle of Man worker, except in accordance with the above.

Page last updated: 3 November 2017

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