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Temporary Exemptions

The following temporary employments may be exempt from the requirement for a work permit.

Persons with a criminal record may be prohibited from using any exemption. For further information see 'Criminal records'. 

Seasonal Hospitality Exemption 

Employers within the Hospitality sector can make a request to the Department for specific roles to be exempted, on the basis that no suitable Isle of Man Workers are available to fill the roles. To make use of the exemptions, employers will be required to complete the simple registration form: Hospitality Exemption Request, setting out details of the employment capacities for which exemptions are sought. 

Once recruitment is completed, the employer must then provide details of exempted workers prior to the commencement of work. The template for Hospitality Exemption Return is available for employers to simplify the notification process. 

There are certain eligibility criteria and conditions which are attached to the exemptions, employers should refer to the Seasonal Exemption – Hospitality Sector Guidance Notes for more information.

The Seasonal Exemption is only available to workers who hold British or Irish Nationality, or to those workers who hold Settled Status.

Employment for up to 10 days a year

An employee can work in the Isle of Man for up to 10 days without requiring a work permit. Separate periods of connected employment of less than 10 days in any year are added together and where the total exceeds 10 days, a permit will be required.

Note that:

  • any days where a worker is employed in the Island but is not actually working (e.g. weekends) will count against the 10 days
  • the exemption may not be used to cover the first 10 days of employment of a non-temporary nature.

The exemption does not apply in the following cases:

  • construction operations
  • mobile catering
  • retail where the retailer does not have a permanent place of business in the Island.

Administrative exemption

Upon request, the Department may grant an exemption for employment of a temporary or intermittent nature for more than 10 days where it considers there is good reason. Such an exemption will be authorised in writing.

Specific temporary employments

The following temporary employments are exempt:

  • Some police and related employments
  • Some judicial, court and tribunal employments
  • Inspections and investigations by certain bodies
  • Non-resident non-executive directors for up to 3 days in any calendar month

The following exemptions are for temporary employment for up to 30 days a year:

  • Media representatives
  • Representatives or an officials of an international organisation
  • Employment in connection with conferences
  • Employment in connection with the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of specialist equipment or training in its use. This exemption does not apply where the necessary expertise or service is available in the Island).

The following exemptions are for temporary employment for up to 48 days a year:

  • Employment by company incorporated in the Island which is a member of an international group. For further information see section 2.7.1 of the 'Guide to Work Permits'
  • Employees undertaking training
  • Clients or customers of Island businesses
  • Employment for the purpose of disaster recovery
  • Delivery workers
  • Coach drivers
  • Regulatory aircraft surveyors
  • Theatrical and musical productions

Page last updated: 28 February 2017

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