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Potential considerations

The Department may, but does not have to, take the following extra matters into account in deciding whether or not to grant a permit.

'The person concerned' means the person for whom an application is made.

Economic circumstances

  • In the case of a self-employed person, the number of individuals already engaged in the employment in question in the Island.

Additional considerations regarding the employer

  • The number of Isle of Man workers employed by the applicant as a percentage of the total number of persons employed by the employer.
  • Whether the wages and conditions offered are less favourable than those normally applying in the particular trade or occupation in the Isle of Man.
  • Any career development policy or rotation policy of the applicant.

Additional considerations regarding the person concerned

  • If the person concerned engages or intends to engage in a construction trade, whether he or she is suitably qualified to do so and holds a relevant skills card, as may be specified by the Department.

  • The ability of the person concerned to speak English.
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