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The following employments do not require a work permit. 

Exempted employments listed below should be notified to the Department via the link below.

Persons with a criminal record may be prohibited from using any exemption. For further information see criminal records. 

Conditions may apply to some of the exemptions.

  • NEW: Certain employments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and e-business
  • Holders of an immigration employment document.
  • Exemptions that the Department considers are in the national interest (see section 2.3 of 'Guide to Work Permits')
  • Certain Crown employments
  • Diplomatic employment
  • Police and related employments (members of the Isle of Man Constabulary will no longer be exempted from 1 August 2017 onwards)
  • Judicial, court and tribunal employments
  • Senior public service appointments, including Departmental Chief Executives, the Chief Constable, and Chief Fire Officer
  • Employment as a minister of religion or as a lay worker with a religious body
  • Registered medical practitioners
  • Registered dentists
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Registered nurses or midwives
  • Registered social workers
  • Employment in a vessel or aircraft
  • Chief Officers of an international group
  • Voluntary workers for charities and statutory bodies, (not private employers).
  • Self-employment of a purely cultural nature
  • Certain Commercial travellers
  • Employment in some businesses being established in the Island as a branch or subsidiary of a business carried on elsewhere. Details outlined in the 'Guide to Work Permits' 2.4.15
  • Some temporary employments

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