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Essential considerations

The Department must take the following matters into account in deciding whether or not to grant a permit. 'The person concerned' means the person for whom an application is made.

Economic circumstances

  • Whether or not there are any suitable Isle of Man workers available in the trade, occupation or profession for which the application is made, having regard to any skills, qualifications, knowledge or experience required, and the importance of the position to the applicant's undertaking.
  • The level of unemployment in the trade, occupation or profession.
  • Any likely economic or social consequences of granting or declining the application.

The process

  • Whether and how the job was publicised in the Isle of Man.
  • The process by which the applicant has selected the person concerned.
  • The grounds on which the applicant has selected the person concerned.

Personal circumstances of the person concerned

  • Any criminal convictions (in the Island or elsewhere) of the person concerned which are not "spent" for the purposes of the employment for which the permit is sought.  (see further at 'criminal records').
  • Where the person concerned has worked in the Island for a continuous period of 2 years or more by virtue of a permit or an exemption, his or her family circumstances, including whether his or her family are living in the Island.
  • Whether a refusal to grant or renew a permit would cause substantial hardship to the person concerned.

Additional considerations regarding the person concerned

The status of the person concerned under immigration law including whether he or she has leave to enter and remain in the Island and is permitted to work in the Island under immigration law.

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