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Work Permit Committee

The Work Permit Committee operates under delegated powers of the Minister. It consists of a chairperson and two other members and has a wide knowledge of employment matters. The Committee considers applications for work permits in any of the following circumstances:

  • where there may be an actual or reasonably perceived conflict of interest if an officer of the Department were to determine the application
  • where the person concerned falls within section 10 (criminal records) of the Act which deals with certain unspent criminal convictions etc. (see further at Criminal Records; (however, an officer may deal with other cases which are outside section 10)
  • where the Department has received representations from a person who objects to a permit being granted and who, if it were granted, would be entitled to appeal to the Work Permit Appeal Tribunal
  • where, exceptionally, the wider fiscal costs of the person concerned or any relevant persons might need to be considered
  • where an officer of the Department reasonably considers that the application should be dealt with by the Committee.

The Committee also deals with cases of revocation.

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