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The Department may revoke a work permit if it considers that the circumstances that justified the grant or renewal of the permit have changed. The relevant circumstances are where: 

(a) in relation to criminality:

(i) either the holder has been convicted of a criminal offence and received a relevant sentence falling since the work permit was granted or was last renewed, or before it was granted or renewed if the Department was then unaware of the sentence

(ii) since the work permit was granted the holder or a relevant person has been convicted of a criminal offence (see further at criminal records) (add hyperlink);

(b) it is discovered that the application for the permit includes a false statement or an omission such that a true and complete statement would have caused the Department to refuse to grant or to renew the permit

(c) the holder or his or her employer has failed to comply with any condition subject to which the permit was granted

(d) the holder has failed to pay his or her income tax or contributions under any statutory provision relating to social security

(e) two or more complaints against the holder have been referred to the department by the Office of Fair Trading, tending to show that the holder is not a fit and proper person to undertake or be engaged in the employment in question

(f) the continued employment of the holder would be unlawful under immigration law.  

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