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Identity Checker guidance

Each organisation must nominate an appropriate person within the recruitment process to undertake the role of Identity Checker. This section of the guidance provides advice on the role of the Identity Checker.

All Identity Checkers should also familiarise themselves with the applicable sections of the DBS Code of Practice and the sample Isle of Man Vetting Bureau Registration Agreement copies of which can be obtained from the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau.

Please note appendices are current as at the date of publication. Up to date copies of both documents can be obtained from the DBS website or the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau respectively.

The Isle of Man Vetting Bureau is acting as a counter-signatory on your behalf. Once we have signed the declaration on the disclosure application form, we are confirming that evidence of identity has been seen and checked and that the information given on the form is accurate.

As an Identity Checker you must: 

  • Check the application for compliance
  • Validate the identity of the applicant Complete Section X and W of the DBS Disclosure Application Form and the 2 smaller boxes marked ‘registered body use only’ in Sections A and B
  • Complete the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau Declaration Form
  • Submit the completed DBS application form, the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau Declaration and payment (if applicable) to the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau

Before you can undertake these duties you will require an understanding of the documents required to confirm identity and the combination of documents deemed acceptable by DBS.

The Guidance Manual provides a full explanation of the identity checking process.

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