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Isle of Man Labour Market

Key Points as at the end of February 2019: 

  • The number of registered unemployed decreased by 3 compared with February 2018.
  • 115 persons signed onto and 1123 persons left the register over the month. The net movement was an increase of 3 persons on the register between January 2019 and February 2019.
  • The unemployment rate for February is 0.9%, remaining the same as the previous month January 2019. The unemployment rate is the proportion of economically active population registered unemployed.
  • During the month, 676 job vacancies were notified to the Job Centre. At the end of the month, 487 remained. 58% (281) were full time positions and 42% (206) were part time.
  • ILO estimate: It is estimated that 816 individuals are unemployed and looking for work in February 2019, compared with 813 in January 2019. This amounts to an unemployment rate of 1.9%. See Methodology section for further details.
Registered UnemployedMalesFemalesTotalRate %
Current (February 2019) 267 104 371 0.9%
-1 month (January 2019) 267 101 368 0.9%
-1 year (February 2018) 265 108 373 0.9%


  • Registered unemployment is measured as a claimant count; those persons registered for Job Seekers allowance. There is no legal requirement to register to receive Job Seekers Allowance.
  • Additional statistics may be available on request; please contact Economic Affairs should you have any queries.
  • Long term unemployed are those who have been registered unemployed for 12 months or longer.

Economic Affairs Division Job market statistics are published monthly by the Economic Affairs Division of the Isle of Man Cabinet Office.

For more information contact:

Economic Affairs Division

Cabinet Office

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Telephone:+44 1624 685752

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