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Work Placement Scheme

Our Work Placement Scheme for individuals

The scheme helps:

  • individuals who are over 16
  • someone looking for real work place experience and an insight into different jobs
  • anyone who would benefit from the chance to build confidence and employability skills

To find out more, please contact the Job Centre on +44 1624 687014 or email us at

*This scheme runs for a maximum of 4 months and the individual will be paid a training allowance based on the minimum wage (take home pay) for the duration.

Our Work Placement Scheme for employers

There are lots of benefits to this scheme, not only for the individual, but for you and your company too! If this interests you, then please read on.

The scheme means:

  • recruitment opportunities: It could enable you to access a wider range of talent
  • fresh ideas: New people can bring a different perspective
  • staff development: Develop staff by offering supervision, training and mentoring of work placement trainees
  • helping the local community: You will be helping to boost local economic development
  • No Cost to you: This scheme runs for 4 months and the individual is paid minimum wage by the IOM Government. Uniform and other training costs may also be covered.

To find out more please get in touch with us at The Jobcentre on +44 1624 687014 or email us at

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