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Step Programme

The students

Every year, the Department for Enterprise recruits the Island's brightest and most enterprising undergraduates and matches them with the specific needs of Island based organisations to undertake a skill-centric project to improve the business. This is an invaluable and exciting opportunity open to all second or penultimate year undergraduates that could make a real difference to your future career prospects. The Step Programme is sponsored by IQ EQ (Isle of Man) Limited.

Taking part in the programme offers you many benefits including;

  • The chance to apply the theory you have learnt on your degree course with the chance to learn new workplace skills
  • The programme is an excellent addition to your CV as it is widely recognised that students who are participate in the programme are more likely to obtain work once they graduate
  • £240 per week for 8 – 12 weeks with up to 4 days leave entitlement 

Please note Step student applications have now closed for the 2019 programme

The organisations

If you would like your organisation to benefit from a Step student summer project and you can take an issue facing your organisation and turn it into a definable and structured project, then we would like to hear from you.

From all the Manx undergraduates who have registered, Step will select the most suitable candidate with the profile you need to undertake the project, which you have identified. Projects typically take place over eight weeks in the summer (July and August), but can be shortened or extended to meet project demands, if required.

What projects can be undertaken?

There are virtually no restrictions on the type of project an organisation can choose, but examples include:

  • Manufacturing concept, design and development
  • Setting up IT and/or accountancy systems
  • Design and implementation of websites
  • Marketing plans
  • Setting up of systems e.g. ISO 9000, ISO 14001, IIP, H&S etc.
  • Design of company literature
  • Analysis of production methods
  • Environmental audits and follow-up work
  • Design of new product concepts

...and more.

Which organisations can take part?

All organisations can experience the benefits of a Step student.

In order for a Step project to be successful it is also necessary to have:

  • a set project for an undergraduate to undertake;
  • a suitable place for the student to work;
  • appropriate supervisory and management arrangements.

Access to knowledge

Step is designed to help any organisation to develop by kick-starting and managing a project that can be achieved within a realistic timescale and at an affordable price.

  • Individual interviews are arranged to help you to select the student you want to undertake your project.
  • Contracts, which include Health and Safety issues, are then issued for acceptance by both the organisation and the student.
  • Immediately before starting, or at the start of the project, your Step student will attend a pre-project induction day provided by Step and the Department to prepare them for his/her project.
  • The Department will pay for your student weekly and upon completion of the programme invoice you for the training allowance.
  • A review session provided by Step and the Department is carried out midway through the project when all the participating students are provided with any additional support needed to complete their project.
  • At the end of the project, students produce reports of their work and present their achievements to a panel of judges at a Final Presentation Competition. The winner of the local competition and the host organisation will be invited to attend the high profile Regional and, possibly, National Step finals.

How much will it cost?

Students receive a weekly training allowance of £240 per week, which is free of National Insurance and Income Tax contributions. Therefore, the average cost to your organisation for an undergraduate working full-time on an eight-week project will be £1,920.

What happens next?

Once you have applied,

  • you will be contacted by the Step Consultant and the Department to discuss your business needs in more detail before agreeing on a feasible project to be undertaken by a Step student.
  • Step will then match your requirements and the range of skills and expertise available within the database of registered students.

How to Apply

Please note Step student applications have now closed for the 2019 programme.

If you are a host wishing to apply for your project to be placed on the programme, please complete the relevant application form and return to:

Step Programme Manager

Department for Enterprise

Business Development Agency

1st Floor

St Georges Court

Upper Church Street


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 682383

Email:Send Email

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