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2016 Earnings Survey

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

More than 600 local employers will shortly be asked for details of pay and patterns of employment as part of the annual Earnings Survey carried out by the Cabinet Office’s Economic Affairs unit. 

The survey will be conducted using a random sample of 1,513 employees drawn from income tax records, with a questionnaire sent to the last known employer of each person. The identities of employers and employees will be kept strictly confidential throughout the process. 

The Earnings Survey allows Government and the public to understand whether the average hourly rate of pay is increasing and if so by what percentage. This information is not available from other Government sources. There is further analysis in terms of gender, age, occupation, industry, length of service, and levels of basic weekly and overtime hours. 

The response rate for the 2015 survey was 99.5%. Selected companies are legally required to supply information for the survey under the Statistics Act 1999 and prosecutions have been brought under the Act for those who do not respond.

Businesses are being contacted either by email or letter with a link to the questionnaire for completion online. Advice, assistance and paper copies are available from Economic Affairs on +44 1624 685752 or

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