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Advice at hand for employers hiring children

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ahead of school summer holidays, employers are reminded of the law relating to children of compulsory school age – 16 and under.

Employment of Children Regulations 2005 limit the hours children can work, the jobs they can do and the rest breaks they are entitled to. The regulations specify the earliest time children can start work and the latest time they can finish.

Employers must keep on their premises a register of the children they employ and the hours they work.

‘Children gain from having an after-school, weekend or summer job,’ said Suzanne Vote, the DEC’s Child Employment Officer.

‘We know from our excellent relationships with employers that many children are a real asset to businesses. They are a flexible and positive addition to the workforce for whom employers have nothing but praise.

‘The regulations exist to ensure children are not overworked or asked to do tasks unsuitable for them.

‘The Department of Education and Children will support employers if they have questions about taking on children this summer,’ Suzanne said.

‘The paperwork needed is minimal and DEC staff will visit employers to discuss the regulations and help with any questions they have concerning when the child can work and what they can do.’

For further guidance see employment of children.

Alternatively, employers can contact the Department of Education and Children at Hamilton House on 01624 685820.

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