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MHK suspended from departmental role

Thursday, 19 May 2016

John Houghton MHK suspended from Department of Infrastructure

MHK suspended from departmental role

The Council of Ministers has agreed that John Houghton MHK be suspended as a member of the Department of Infrastructure.

Tynwald Members voted on Tuesday to receive a report by the Tynwald Standards Committee into allegations of inappropriate conduct made against Mr Houghton and to accept its recommendation that the Douglas North MHK apologise.

Mr Houghton refused to apologise and has been suspended indefinitely from Tynwald and the House of Keys.

Speaking on behalf of the Council of Ministers, Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘I have spoken to Mr Houghton and explained to him that owing to his suspension from Tynwald he cannot continue as a member of the Department. A key part of the role of a departmental member is to support the passage of legislation through Tynwald and its branches, a function Mr Houghton cannot currently fulfil.’

The Minister added: ‘The Council of Ministers has determined that Mr Houghton be suspended from the Department of Infrastructure without pay, with effect from Tuesday 17 May. If Mr Houghton complies with the decision taken by Tynwald and offers an apology consideration will be given to his reinstatement as a member of the Department.’

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