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New Manufacturing skills programme launched successfully

Monday, 9 September 2013

This September the new Manufacturing Technician Skills programme is successfully launched at the Isle of Man College.  14 students have been selected from over 60 applicants for this new course which has been developed with the support of the Island’s leading manufacturers to help students gain the latest technical skills they need to work in today’s high-tech manufacturing.

Earlier this year the Department of Education and Children and the Department of Economic Development announced they were working closely with the Manufacturing and Technical Industries Committee of the Chamber of Commerce to re-develop the manufacturing course and increase the number of students in response to the industry’s growing need for skilled workers.  

Since that time, Government has worked closely with the private sector to develop the new course, recruit additional skilled staff and buy new manufacturing equipment for the students to use.  The two Departments have provided the necessary funding of over £250,000 for the programme this year from savings within their existing budgets, so there has been no additional cost to the taxpayer. 

Minister for Economic Development John Shimmin MHK commented: 

‘I would like to thank both the Department of Education and Children (DEC) and the local manufacturing sector for making this happen.  The successful delivery of this programme was a key priority in the ‘Agenda for Change in Our Economy’ document which was launched earlier this year. 

‘The Isle of Man is fortunate in having a high-tech manufacturing sector which is growing such that it will create hundreds of new job opportunities locally over the next few years. 

‘As this programme has been designed in conjunction with the local manufacturing sector to help satisfy their specific skills requirements it will provide excellent job opportunities for participants on completion of the programme. 

‘It is good news for local people seeking exciting new careers in engineering and good news for the successful businesses in our manufacturing sector. 

‘The two Departments are currently working with the manufacturers to continue to expand the number of students commencing this course next year.  I look forward to making further important announcements on this matter later this year.’

Last minute spaces are available on the course and interested applicants can register by contacting Jackie Kruup by emailing or telephoning +44 1624 648205 by noon on 13 September.

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