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Manx Industrial Relations Service (MIRS)

Manx Industrial Relations Service

The Manx Industrial Relations Service (MIRS) is an independent organisation funded by Government and provides a free and impartial industrial and employment relations service.

We are here to help:

  • employers
  • employees
  • trade unions

to work together for the prosperity of the Isle of Man business and the benefit of employees and employers.

Our Aim - what we can do

We will always try to help you quickly and efficiently. We will help to identify options which may solve employment problems before they escalate. We can also help to settle employment disputes between employers and employees or between employers and trade union through conciliation, mediation or arbitration. We give impartial, professional advice on good employment practice and we always respect confidentiality - we will not disclose any information without your prior agreement. We also publicise good practice on employment relations through free leaflets and booklets all of which are available on this website or in hard copy by contacting our office.


We have a legal duty to offer conciliation in most cases where a person believes that their employment rights have been infringed. We can do this whether or not an application has been made to the Employment Tribunal.

Conciliation is offered free of charge and is a positive means of resolving disputes without either employers or employees winning or losing. Around 75% of individual and collective cases are successfully settled through conciliation to the satisfaction of both parties. Please refer to our booklet A Guide to Conciliation for more information.


Mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution which we can also offer, free of charge. The overriding aim of workplace mediation is to restore and maintain the employment relationship wherever possible. This means that the focus is on working together to go forward, not determining who was right or wrong in the past. In mediation we will help two or more individuals or groups reach a solution that's acceptable to everyone. We can talk to both sides separately or together and we will do not make judgments or determine outcomes. Many kinds of dispute can be mediated if those involved want to find a way forward. It can be used at any stage in a dispute but is most effective if used early on. If you would like more information on mediation please contact us to discuss. Further information about mediation can be found on the ACAS website.


If necessary, MIRS can arrange for an independent arbitrator should the parties to a trade dispute (as defined by the Trade Disputes Act 1985), be unable to resolve their differences through negotiation or conciliation. Arbitration relies on the mutual co-operation of all concerned. Please email us if you have any queries regarding arbitration. 

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