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DBS checks FAQs

Why is this service no longer being provided by the Department of Home Affairs?

There has been an increase in the number of applications being processed on behalf of external organisations to Isle of Man Government since it was set up in 2013. The Government receives no income from any of the applications as the DBS Fee for the check is paid to DBS. This means that the administration and staff costs required to administer, provide training, provide advice and complete checks of applications has grown, and requires a full time member of staff, which the Department no longer has. The Department is required to carry out duties in accordance with legislation and it is essential that our focus and resources are directed to that work in keep the Island safe.

What do we do now if we need a DBS Check?

With effect from July 2022, you will need to make alternative arrangements for the processing of applications for your organisation. There are over 460 Umbrella bodies listed on the DBS website, and a number of online providers who will be able to work with your organisation to process future applications. It is recommended that you make contact with a number of these providers to identify the best one for your type of organisation.

Am I going to have to pay more?

It is very likely that in addition to the DBS Charges (free for Volunteers) that these organisations will charge an administration fee. However, it is expected to be more cost effective due to the move from paper based applications (and associated training and supervision by ID Checkers) to online provision.

What are the benefits of transferring the DBS process to an online system?

In transferring the DBS process online it creates a more streamlined process and should reduce the number of errors made and the number of forms that are returned. It takes away the requirement for organisations to have a registered ID checker and should issue the applicant with a DBS certificate within a shorter timeframe.

Who should we use now?

We cannot advise you of any particular DBS provider, and you should undertake your own investigations. A number of providers work in specific sectors and there may be different registration requirements for your organisation.

Why do I need a DBS check?

If someone is going to work as a paid employee, or as a volunteer for an organisation, and the work will bring them into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, they may be asked to apply for a DBS check. For example, if they are going to work as a teacher, care worker, scout or guide leader, registered childminder, sports coach, youth club worker, foster carer or adoptive parent.

How do I find out if I am eligible to apply for a DBS check?

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions) Order 2001 lists the types of work, employment or professions for which you can legally obtain a DBS check. You can also contact the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau which will offer advice.

Alternatively, a professional body for your organisations sector will be able to provide advice to assess whether a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure is required for a specific role, bearing in mind their other statutory and legal obligations. 

How do I apply for a DBS check if I am a Government worker?

The DBS function is going to be transferred from the Department of Home Affairs to the Office of Human Resources. This will take away the requirement for organisations to have registered ID checkers and allow information to be provided electronically via the recruitment and vetting process.

How do I apply for a DBS check if I am a non-Government worker?

DBS checks will now be required to be completed through an online provider. There are many available online and it will be best to shop around to get the best price for your particular organisation.


Who will check my ID if I use an online provider?

The individual applying for the DBS certificate would be required to upload their different forms of identification. (Please note some UK online providers may not accept Manx Driving Licences as a form of identification.)  

Details of the Guidelines for documents used for ID 

How do I apply for a DBS check if I am a volunteer?

All DBS checks will be required to be completed through an online provider. Many providers only charge a small administration fee for voluntary DBS checks – so it would be best to shop around.

What if I have already signed up for the Update Service through DBS UK?

If you have already registered for the Update Service through DBS UK you may continue to use this service.

How do I apply for a Basic DBS check?

Basic DBS checks can still be found provided through the DBS UK website at a cost of £18.00. The Department has never been able to offer this service, and there has been no change with this service.

How do I contact DBS?


Helpline: 03000 200190 

Address: DBS Customer Services, PO Box 3961, Royal Wootton Bassett, SM4 4HF

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