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Disclosure and Barring Service

The Department of Home Affairs ceased services for the provision of processing of all DBS Applications for external organisations from July 2022.

Isle of Man Government Departments, who currently utilise the Department for DBS checks, will soon be able to use an online vetting service as part of their online recruitment process. There are now a large number of providers who can offer an online DBS processing service, with only small associated administration feeds. The benefits for completing DBS checks online is the process is a lot quicker and much more streamlined. It also takes aware the requirement for organisations to have registered ID checkers, regular training and completion and checking of forms.

We will continue to provide advice and guidance on DBS but those organisations who wish to continue obtaining DBS checks for employees/volunteers would be directed to utilise which provides a list of "Umbrella Organisations" who are able to process online applications on behalf of third parties.

We recognise that this change will affect your organisation and hope that the list of frequently asked questions will answer your queries.

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