Agricultural Wages Board

The Agricultural wages board used to meet regularly to set the minimum rates for Agricultural pay. However this role has largely been superseded by the Minimum Wage Regulations 2001.

Agricultural workers cannot be paid less that the appropriate minimum wage.

In addition, the Board considers what rate of rental should be charged to agricultural workers living in tied properties, however, it should be noted that in applying the rates set by the Board, particularly with regard to these deductions, due regard must be given to compliance with the Minimum Wage Act 2001 operated by the Department for Enterprise.

Under no circumstances must deductions in respect of board, lodging or tied accommodation made by an employer result in the wages paid being below that as required by the Minimum Wages Act 2001.

Other aspects of employment regulation applicable to agricultural workers are dealt with by the Manx Industrial Relations Service and the Department for Enterprise's Employment Services Inspectors.

Copies of the current Order and Regulations are available to download. Please note that the Regulations have remained unchanged since 2010. Therefore the 2010 Regulations remain current.

For enquiries with regard to the Agricultural Wages Board, contact:

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Agricultural Wages Board

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