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Public Rights of Way

There are 272km of Public Rights of Way on the Island.

Public Rights of Way are public footpaths, where the public have a right to pass on foot only.

  • Bicycles should not be taken onto public footpaths.
  • Walkers are allowed to take dogs on Public Rights of Way, but they must be kept under close control - either on a lead or walking to heel.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to run free accross fields or on land adjacent to the footpath.

The Department of Infrastructure is responsible for maintaining a right of passage along Public Rights Of Way. This includes maintaining stiles, gates and signing. If you have any problems contact the Rights of Way Officer on +44 1624 686665.

What are the long distance Footpaths on the Isle of Man?

  1. The Millenium Way - 26 Miles - Sky Hill to Castle Rushen
  2. Bayr Ny Skeddan - 14 Miles - between Castletown and Peel
  3. Raad ny Foillan - 96 Miles - coastal footpath waymarked with a blue sign showing a gull in flight
  4. The Heritage Trail - 26 Miles - Douglas to Peel, St John's to Sulby and Southwards to Foxdale

Additionally, you can use the maps on this site on this site to view all Public Rights of Way.  Click on the local information icon and then select 'Outdoor Pursuits Nearby'

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