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Preparing for winter

When winter weather is on the way, the Department of Infrastructure makes every effort to keep the Island on the move.

What we will try to do: 

  • Maintain safe driving conditions on primary roads which will normally include all busy roads. For detailed routes see winter gritting routes
  • Roads that carry the heaviest traffic, bus routes and roads to hospitals, fire stations and schools will be given the highest priority
  • Ensure salt (grit) is spread on the primary highway before ice forms
  • If frost/ice is forming overnight we will  salt primary routes before 8am
  • Maintain our network of salt boxes around the Island
  • Co-ordinate with Local Authorities for them to prioritise footpaths in retail and business areas – if they have the resources
  • Keep the local media informed with regular updates
  • As the resources become available, other routes will be treated to help the largest number of people first
  • Operate Ellerslie Emergency Control Room during severe weather events to control and coordinate resources and manage telephone calls from the public 

What you can do

  • Have a container of salt at your house ready to salt your paths and driveway.  Salt is available for domestic use free of charge at Civic Amenity Sites – you can help by obtaining yours in plenty of time
  • If you are fit and able, try to clear the footpath outside your own property and put some salt down
  • Use the salt boxes in your local community to salt difficult corners and hills
  • If you manage a business, have a stock of salt ready to salt your car park, paths and areas outside your business to help keep your staff and customers safe
  • Commercial users can buy salt from Ellerslie or Glen Duff depots for £10 per 100kg (approximate weight). Telephone  +44 1624 850000 – delivery by arrangement
  • Salt bins can also be purchased by arrangement with Ellerslie Control. Tel +44 1624 850000
  • Check your vehicle has anti-freeze in the windscreen wash and you have a scraper to hand to clear your windscreen of frost and snow.

Useful information

Weather Forecast 0900 6243 300
Customer Services 686665
24 hrs emergency line 672000

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Please see our Snow Code for further information.

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