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Temporary passport

It is issued with a restricted validity of up to 12 months and is printed on the below style 8 page booklet:

Temporary passport

The Isle of Man temporary passport can be issued to allow British citizens to undertake urgent international travel.

Due to the temporary nature of this passport, it is not a biometric passport and therefore should not be seen as an alternative to applying for a full validity passport. 

Those requiring to undertake urgent travel must satisfy themselves that the country they are visiting will accept non-biometric passports prior to making their application. 

The Passport Office accepts no responsibility for travel booked by applicants that cannot be fulfilled due to non-acceptance of the temporary passport.

Border agencies have been advised that the Crown Dependencies (CDs) and Gibraltar will issue passports using this design for emergency travel purposes.

When can a Temporary Passport be requested

A Temporary Passport may be issued where an eligible applicant meets all of the following: 

  • has to travel internationally (not just between Isle of Man and the UK) and can provide evidence of their pre-paid travel

  • cannot wait for a full validity Isle of Man variant British passport to be issued

  • can explain why their full validity passport is not available (for example: lost/stolen, expired, expiring, unavailable or submitted for renewal)

  • is able to pay the appropriate fee 

The applicant will be required to provide documentation at the time of application to demonstrate the above criteria before the temporary passport can be approved.

If an applicant has already submitted a renewal application this must be withdrawn before a temporary passport can be issued.

A temporary passport is issued with a validity of 12 months. The applicant is responsible for satisfying themselves that this will be acceptable for their travel purposes. A temporary passport does not replace a standard full validity passport and should not be seen as a convenient alternative.


The cost of the temporary passport is as follows:

  • £219: Adult  
  • £188: Child
  • £119: Adult born before 2 September 1929

Payment can only be made by credit or debit card, cash or postal order at the public counter at the time of making the application. 

We cannot accept postal applications or cheques for this service.


Application forms can be obtained from our Application forms and fees page or via downloadable documents.

You will need:

  • Correctly completed Application Form

  • Correctly completed Temporary Passport Application Form

  • 2 x passport photographs – that meet the criteria set out in the guidance notes available via downloadable documents

  • A countersignatory (if required)

  • Correct fee and acceptable form of payment

  • If your previous passport was lost or stolen, you will also need to complete Form LS01. If it is for a child's passport this must be signed by the parent who applied for the previous passport

  • Evidence of the need to travel urgently (example is a pre-paid flight or ferry booking abroad)


A Temporary Passport can be issued in the Isle of Man to:

  • Adult British citizens
  • Child British citizens

In most cases establishing eligibility will be straightforward if the Temporary Passport will replace a previously issued full validity Isle of Man variant British passport held by the applicant.   

Temporary Passports are not ordinarily issued to people applying for a passport for the first time. Where exceptional circumstances prevail and the issuing of a Temporary Passport is approved, a first time interview must take place and all relevant supporting information must be provided. 

The Passport Office retains the right to refuse to issue a Temporary Passport in cases where it is established that an applicant has a track record of losing previous passports. 

Note: This is only a guide and officers may ask for any documents they feel are appropriate or would support the application.  

Important: The applicant should be satisfied that they have all of the required information before submitting their application to the Passport Office. We recommend that you telephone the Passport Office to explain your circumstances to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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