Passenger Survey

Key Points 

  • Total scheduled passenger departures increased over the year, to 675,048 in 2016 compared to 663,465 in 2015.
  • The number of visitors during 2016 increased by 1.7% to 292,328.
  • The number of non-business visitors staying in paid accommodation (tourists) remained similar to 2015, rising slightly to 134,674. 
  • The average length of stay of visitors to the island (including business visitors) was estimated at 5.0 nights, which is a reduction compared with 2015, at 5.5 nights.  
  • Estimated total expenditure by visitors to the Island during 2016 was £106.6m, and on average visitors spent £363 per visit. 
  • During 2016 the proportion of visitors from the North West of England (27.4%) was comparable to 2015, with ongoing increases in the proportion of visitors from the South East and from outside the UK and Ireland.
  • The majority of residents leaving the Island were either travelling to the North West of England (37.2%) or outside of the UK and Ireland (22.1%).

A detailed breakdown of the types of passengers departing the Isle of Man is shown below: 

Scheduled passenger traffic 2016
Period Visitors Staying in Paid Accommodation (PVPA) 134,674
Period Visitors Staying with Friends or Relatives (PVFR) 97,048
Isle of Man Residents (RES) 382,720
Business People (BV) 58,154
Day Trippers (DV) 2,452
Total 675,048

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