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Resident's parking permit

The purpose of a resident’s parking permit

Disc parking zones are in effect within towns and villages throughout the Island. The purpose of these zones is to restrict long term parking of visitors or commuters within the zone.

The hours of operation in retail areas are generally:  Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

and in residential areas:  Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Residents who live within disc parking zones are eligible to apply for a resident’s parking permit which allows them to park in the area without being subject to the time restrictions placed by the disc zone regulations.

If you have applied for to renew your parking permit and it doesn't arrive before your permit runs out, please contact

Types of vehicles permitted to park in a disc zone

The Disc Parking Regulations (1) provide for a class of vehicle called Class A vehicles.

These are defined as:

  • motor cars (including dual purpose vehicles, i.e. 4x4’s)
  • motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecars
  • tricycles (3 wheeled vehicles not exceeding 500kg unladen weight)
  • invalid carriages
  • light goods vehicles (including car derived vans) not exceeding 2000kg maximum laden weight and not exceeding 4.5m in length.

Please note: camper vans are not eligible for a resident’s parking permit.

Restrictions on the type of vehicle that can be parked in a disc zone

You must look for signs in the disc zone as some areas are restricted to cars only.

Who is entitled to apply for a resident’s parking permit?

People who can prove residency in a street that is included in a disc zone. If you do not live on the street you are applying for, unfortunately you will not be eligible for a resident's parking permit.

Temporary permit

Applications for temporary permits which may be issued for UK registered vehicles undergoing re-registration must be accompanied by the vehicle registration document and a valid tax disc in addition to the necessary proof of address.

Unfortunately you will not be eligible to apply.

Who is not eligible for a resident’s parking permit

  • Guest House visitors
  • Homestay
  • Property owners whose residence is not within a disc parking zone
  • Businesses
  • Workers whose businesses or offices are within a disc parking zone
  • Tradesmen – Tradesmen’s Permits are available for mobile workshops and are available from the Vehicle Test Centre, subject to being Government registered tradesmen and/or being a member of the Isle of Man Employers' Federation.
  • Provisional driving license holders

Permits for private use vans

You may apply for a permit if it is a small van and does not exceed 2 tonnes maximum laden weight and is no longer than 4.5m in length.

Permits for visitors staying at your house

Applications for temporary visitor permits, which may be issued to persons visiting relatives on the Island, must be accompanied by the vehicle registration document, driving licence and valid insurance. The application must also be accompanied by a letter from you, the householder, confirming the address at which they will be staying and the applicable dates.

Parking permit fees

There are currently no fees at present. 

Documentation required to apply for a resident’s parking permit

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Full driving licence
  • A recent utility bill or bank statement, not more than 3 months old

Permits for vehciles with more than one owner

You may have a permit each if you all hold full Isle of Man driving licences and can provide the documentation required above.

I own several cars; how many cars can I have on my permit?

Up to 4, but you may only use the permit on 1 vehicle at a time.

Parking Permit Section

Vehicle Test Centre

Ballafletcher Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 686687

Email:Send Email

Conditions of use for a resident’s parking permit

  1. The permit must be clearly displayed on the front windscreen at all times when the vehicle is parked in the designated disc zone. Failure to do so may result in the issuing of a fixed penalty notice.
  2. Vehicles and their contents are parked at owner’s risk and the Department will accept no liability for loss or damage to vehicles however caused.
  3. The permit holder is responsible for the safe-keeping of the permit and must notify the Department immediately of any loss of a permit.
  4. Permits should be surrendered back to the Department if no longer required.
  5. Permit holders must advise the Department of any change of address and/or vehicle.
  6. Permits remain the property of the Department and are not transferable to other persons.
  7. In the event of any abuse of these conditions and without prejudice to any action capable of being brought under the relevant road traffic legislation, the Department reserves the absolute right to recall and cancel the permit at any time and to decline thereafter to allocate any further permits to the person concerned.
  8. The issuing of permits does not guarantee the availability of a space in the designated disc zone.
  9. The vehicle must be in constant use (holidays excepted).


Should an application for a permit be turned down, applicants have a right of appeal. An appeal form may be obtained from the Highways Administration Section and should be submitted with accompanying documentation (if any) within 21 days of the refusal.

(1)  Regulations are made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985

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