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Parking and Parking Permits

Disc Parking Zones

The Department of Infrastructure operates Disc Parking Zones across the Island's towns and villages. Disc parking zones allow free of charge parking, however they are subject to time restrictions. Time restrictions will be displayed clearly on signage in the area. You can also view time restrictions online by following the link below. Anybody wishing to park in these areas must display a parking disc in their vehicle showing the correct time of arrival in the parking place. Parking discs are available free of charge from various areas across the Island including:

  • The Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal Building, Douglas
  • Information Kiosk and Car Rental Stand at Ronaldsway Airport, Ballasalla
  • Police Stations
  • Post Offices
  • Local Commissioners’ Offices
  • Vehicle Hire Firms

More information on which roads and streets are subject to disc parking restrictions.

Those that reside in or near disc parking zones may be eligible for a Residents Parking Permit. More information on these can be found lower down on this page.


Parking Fines

Fixed Penalty Notice:
A fixed penalty is £60 (£120 if parked in a disabled bay). This increases to £90 (£180 if parked in a disabled bay) if not paid within 42 days. 

More information on parking fines.


Excess Car Parking Charge:
An excess car parking charge is £40. 

More information on parking fines.

Please note that a parking ticket for any of the following car parks, must be paid via Douglas Borough Council:

  • Bottleneck
  • Pulrose Road
  • Shaw's Brow

Challenge a Parking Fine:
You are able to challenge a parking fine if you believe it has been wrongly issued, however, this must be done within 42 days of issue. Please click the below button for more information / to proceed:

More information on challenging a parking fine.


Residents' Parking Permits

Parking Permits allow parking in particular Disc Zone areas without being subject to the time restrictions placed by the Disc Zone regulations.

Residents who live within Disc Parking Zones are eligible to apply for a Resident’s Parking Permit. This allows residents to park in the area without being subject to the time restrictions placed by the Disc Zone regulations.

The hours of operation for Disc Zones are generally:

  • Retail areas: Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
  • Residential areas: Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

If you have applied to renew your Parking Permit and it doesn't arrive before your permit runs out, please email or call +44 1624 686687. 


Reserved Parking Places

The Department of Infrastructure provides Reserved Parking Places for disabled people who are permanently unable to walk or have considerable difficulty walking, who have no alternative off street parking available such as a drive or nearby garage and live in an area where parking is difficult.

They are also available for members of the emergency services, of which, any application would require a letter of support from their officer in charge.

More information about Isle of Man Government - Reserved parking places


Blue Badge Scheme

Blue badges are issued by the Department of Health and Social Care to people who are disabled, or find it extremely difficult to walk long distances. The purpose of the blue badge is to enable holders to park their car more conveniently.   

  • Disabled Parking Place – Reserved specifically for blue badge holders only. Time restrictions for parking in this area will be clearly stated on signage alongside the parking place.
  • Disc Parking Zone - Blue badge holders are entitled to twice as long as the stated time restriction in these zones.
  • Car Parks – Unless there are specific disabled parking places stating otherwise, blue badge holders should adhere to the instructions available to all standard spaces.  

More information on the Blue Badge Scheme 


Reporting Illegally Parked / Abandoned Vehicles

The Department may remove illegally parked vehicles from a road. It can also remove abandoned vehicles from any land. 

You can report these vehicles online following the below button:

Alternatively, you can email: or phone: +44 1624 685850.

Recovering a Seized Vehicle

Below is everything you need to know in order to recover a vehicle you believe may have been removed by the Department:

  • Check to see if your vehicle has been removed:
    Please call the Parking Team on +44 1624 685850 Mon-Fri, 9am – 4pm, or if you are calling outside of these hours please call the Police on +44 1624 631212.

  • Pay the Release Fee:
    The release fee consists of £108 for the cost of the vehicle removal, plus £12 per each day, or part day thereof, for its storage whilst in the custody of the Department. 

    You can pay by card over the phone by calling +44 1624 685850 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm). Please note that we do NOT accept payment in person.

  • Collect the vehicle:
    Once payment has been received for the correct sum, the Department will authorise the vehicle to be released, and provide details of where it may be collected. Please ensure you bring photographic I.D and evidence of vehicle ownership with you.
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