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DOI launches official Facebook page

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Department of Infrastructure has launched a Facebook page to help keep the public updated with news from across its seven Divisions.

The page will complement the Department’s Twitter profile, which has been running for two and a half years and has attracted nearly 1,400 followers.

Minister for Infrastructure David Cretney said:

'With more people on Facebook than Twitter, we hope the Facebook page can attract an even greater number of followers. The Manx public certainly uses Facebook – for instance, the Isle of Man Constabulary’s page has close to 10,000 followers.

The Department’s page will carry latest updates, such as information about road closures because of accidents, flooding or snow, along with links to relevant press releases and news items, and general information about the Department and the work of its various Divisions.

We’ve been aware of a satirical 'Department of Infrastructure' Facebook page since it was created a few months ago. It’s proved to be very popular, and, as a Government Department, and certainly as a politician, satire is something that comes with the job.

A minority of people appear to have “liked” the satirical page without realising it was a spoof, although anyone who looks properly at the posts and photographs should recognise very quickly that it’s not official. We’re not immune to criticism, and the hope is that our official Facebook page will help explain the work we do and why certain decisions are taken.

I enjoy the social networking of Facebook and I fully appreciate that it is a channel that many people now use to obtain their news updates, so it’s important that the Department recognises that and looks to provide accurate up to date information for its users.'

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