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Further delay to Ramsey Swing Bridge Project

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Department’s work on Ramsey Swingbridge has continued, but an unexpected problem has been found that will further delay the re-opening. 

The bridge rotates on 20 iron wheels that turn on a metal track, forming a very large bearing to support the entire rotating part of the bridge. The wheels were all found to be 1 inch smaller than they should have been. The wheels were not those shown on the original drawings and were probably fitted in the 1980’s. If the wheels are not repaired, the bridge will continue to suffer the repeated failure and deterioration of recent years. The wheels have now been sent to a specialist firm to be repaired but that means that it is unlikely that the bridge will re-open in time for TT fortnight.  

The Director of Ports, Ann Reynolds said:

'the Department decided at the start of the project that it would properly restore the swingbridge. If these wheels were left as they are, another significant overhaul would be needed, probably within a few years. It makes financial sense to take a bit longer and to do the job properly whilst the bridge is already dismantled. We had planned further minor works on the bridge for later in the year but will now consider doing this as part of the current works.' 

Minister for Infrastructure, David Cretney, has expressed his disappointment at the news. He hopes that this early warning will allow the town’s civic leaders, the police and Sprint organisers time to plan alternative road access around the town during the TT festival. The Minister added:

'Our overall aim was to get the bridge back in good working order for future generations and that remains our priority, however I am very sorry that these unexpected challenges will leave Ramsey without their iconic bridge for longer than originally hoped.'

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