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Douglas Promenade highway improvement scheme

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Department of Infrastructure wishes to announce that there will be significant changes to the temporary traffic management arrangements in the vicinity of Peveril Square, Bath Place, Walpole Avenue and Loch Promenade as part of the Promenade improvement works. 

From Monday 3 February 2014, the junction between Walpole Avenue and Loch Promenade will be closed to through traffic for 5 weeks. Traffic will be able to enter and leave Walpole Avenue using the Bath Place junction. At the same time the easterly carriageway (Sea Terminal side) of Peveril Square will also be closed off to traffic. In order to keep traffic flowing in this busy area of Douglas, the Department considered options such as a full road closure, and traffic signals, but has taken the view that it is better to try to keep traffic flowing wherever possible. The changes include the following diversions: 

  • Motorists wishing to travel to Douglas Promenade from the South Quay and Parade Street direction will be diverted left at Parade Street (cannon) roundabout. They will travel along Lord Street, then right onto Ridgeway Street, and right again onto Victoria Street. At the end of Victoria Street motorists can turn left onto Douglas Promenade or right to the Bottleneck car park and the north side car park at the Sea Terminal. 
  • Motorists wishing to travel to Douglas Promenade from Peel Road and the west will be diverted left onto Ridgeway Street then right onto Victoria Street.
  • Motorists wishing to access Walpole Avenue can use the junction at the Bath Street end from both directions. Motorists exiting Walpole Avenue must turn right towards the Parade Street roundabout then continue along Lord Street when heading to the west, and the Douglas Promenade diversion route. Motorists heading south can turn left at Parade Street roundabout.
  • Motorists wishing to travel to the ferry terminal are not affected. However, access to the Sea Terminal (front car park entrance) will be limited to just a single entrance/exit at the southerly end of the Sea Terminal car park nearest to the Circus Beach ferry terminal yard. There will be no access to the front Sea Terminal car park from the normal entrance at Loch Promenade roundabout.
  • Motorists travelling south along Loch Promenade will enter a short section of one-way at Peveril Square on the westerly carriageway (Peveril Buildings side) then back onto two-way traffic at Bath Place. 

The visual aid below shows the directional arrows for the temporary gyratory traffic management arrangements, for a larger image see Downloadable Documents. 


Pedestrian access to all businesses on Walpole Avenue and Pizza Hut, La Piazza and Bordello will only be available from Walpole Avenue. There will be no access to these premises from Victoria Street , Peveril Square or Loch Promenade. Pedestrian access to Jubilee Buildings will be from Victoria Street and Loch Promenade. There will be no access from Walpole Avenue. 

The Department apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused by the traffic arrangements.

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