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Roadside vehicle checks

Monday, 8 July 2013

As part of its road safety agenda, the Department of Infrastructure carries out regular road side checks to promote a high standard of vehicle maintenance.

Working in partnership with the Roads Policing Unit and the neighbourhood teams, checks are arranged at various locations and times around the Island where Vehicle Examiners can check the condition of vehicles.

Of the 402 vehicles checked in the winter period, 123 had no defects, however of the remainder, the following defects were identified:

  • Lighting defects found - 210
  • Tyre defects - 63
  • Wiper blades damaged - 12
  • Temporary fuel filler caps - 7
  • Broken mirrors - 11
  • Exhaust blowing - 11
  • Other problems - 28

The Chief Examiner, Mark Pattison commented:

'One of the most alarming statistics is the use of temporary fuel filler caps. These caps are not suitable for permanent use as they do not form a seal, they only help prevent rainwater and debris entering the tank and should only be used for a short period until a proper replacement cap is obtained. Such caps may result in fuel spilling on the road surface and that can cause a danger to other road users making the road surface slippery. There is also a possible fire hazard.'

Member for Highways, Mr Leonard Singer MHK, said:

'It is disappointing that some owners are not maintaining their vehicles in a road worthy condition. Proper vehicle maintenance is not only essential for road safety but prevents excessive emissions and higher fuel costs. I would urge vehicle owners to ensure that their vehicles are maintained.'

The Department will continue to carry out vehicle checks throughout the year to promote road safety and drivers are reminded that they can be prosecuted if their vehicles have serious defects.

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