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Peel Road major maintenance scheme - plans advancing well

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
  • Phased approach will minimise disruption to traffic and local businesses
  • Over 40% of work will be sub-contracted to local construction industry
  • Annual revenue budget cost £180,000 (£4.3m capital funds repaid over 25 years)
  • Extensive consultation with neighbouring premises

The Department is at an advanced stage in developing proposals to re-construct Peel Road between Quarterbridge and the Brown Bobby and approval will be sought at February Tynwald.

This is one of the busiest routes on the island, serving as the main access to Douglas from the south and the west. It is in very poor condition, extremely uneven, cracked and distressed, and also suffers from flooding problems. The public have lobbied the Department for many years to do something to improve this section of road.

The public are also complaining about the condition of Douglas Promenades and the Department wants to improve Peel Rd now so that the scheme does not clash with the main phases of the Douglas Promenade project which are also being planned as part of a wider programme to improve the Island’s capital.

Surveys in Peel Rd have determined that the whole structure of the road has failed and consequently needs to be reconstructed from its foundations up. The need to fully reconstruct the road, whilst simultaneously keeping it open to traffic, means that the project will take longer than a basic re-surfacing scheme. Overall the project will take about 80 weeks but the work will be carried out in phases so that there will only be limited disruption at any one time. The scheme will also include improvements to the road drainage, bus stops, traffic signals and pedestrian crossings. It includes new ducts and mains to address the requirements of the utility providers. Better provision will be made to accommodate right turning movements into the various junctions and premises.

The first phase of the works will be to ease the radius of the corner from Peel Road into Pulrose Road to better accommodate larger vehicles together with strengthening work to the former railway bridge in Pulrose Road. This work will take about 9 weeks. This will allow Pulrose Road and Groves Road to be used as a diversion route for westbound traffic whilst works are carried out between Pulrose Road and Quarterbridge. During the remaining work, lasting up to 71 weeks, it is planned to manage traffic by having a one-way system into Douglas on the Quarterbridge to Pulrose Road section in order to maximise the working space available. However the section between Pulrose Road and Circular Road will retain one lane in each direction so far as is possible as no viable alternative diversion route is available for that section. Access to all properties will continue throughout the reconstruction work and the public are encouraged to continue to support the local businesses. A schematic layout drawing showing the main phase of the work is provided below.

Temporary Traffic Management Layout:


In all, the Department has carried out over 150 visits to businesses and properties along the route to understand their issues and to plan the work to reduce the impact on businesses as far as practical whilst at the same time keeping general through traffic flowing as well as possible on this key route.

The Department is leading on the project however over 40% of the work (by value) will be subcontracted to the local construction industry who will complete the excavation, foundation, kerbs and drainage work. The existing concrete sub base will be removed, crushed and re-used to upgrade the footpath/cycleway on the old railway line between the TT Access course and Crosby. The proportion of works by man hours is estimated at over 60%.

The construction is estimated to cost £4.3M. The scheme will be funded from capital monies and the amount will be repaid over 25 years at a cost of about £180k per year.

The Department will seek Tynwald approval in February with a view to commencing work in March this year.

crackedClose up Crack

Road surface on approach to Circular Rd.


Road unevenness on approach to Pulrose Rd.

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