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Airport Baggage Project in final stages, on time and in budget

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Work began in early April on the capital scheme to replace the ‘back of house’ baggage conveyor system and X-ray machines. The new structure to house the baggage make-up area can now be easily seen from the Departures Lounge, and inside the building the replacement conveyor system is being constructed. The three new X-ray machines have arrived and one has been commissioned in order for staff training to start in earnest, to enable the Airport to meet the regulatory deadline of using the new X-ray machines with effect from 1 September.

With effect from this week, the ‘out of gauge’ area inside the Terminal building, where large bags and items such as golf bags and skis etc are taken and X-rayed, will be out of commission, and the old conveyor system will be completely closed down and removed. The X-ray machine at ‘out of gauge’ also re-screens hold bags that get rejected by the X-ray machines behind the check-in area, so taking the old machine out of use means that there is a requirement for an ‘out of gauge’ machine in a temporary location whilst the normal area gets refurbished and a new X-Ray machine will be placed within it. This is the very last phase of works within the Terminal building.

The Airport is asking for assistance from passengers, similar to that requested in June, that whilst all the check-in desks will remain open for passengers to check-in and get their boarding cards, all passengers checking-in hold luggage will be asked to take and drop off their weighed and tagged suitcases to another area. This time the temporary area will be at the western end of the Terminal, so it may add 2 – 3 minutes to the passenger transit through the Terminal, prior to going to Departures. This particular work should be completed within 3 weeks and will not affect those passengers with hand luggage only.

Ann Reynolds, Airport Director, said:

'The project is on programme to be operational for the deadline of 1 September 2012, and this is the last phase of major works within the check-in area of the Terminal. There will be times during the next three weeks when passengers will be asked to drop off their bags elsewhere on the ground floor of the Terminal, before proceeding to the Departures Lounge. Naturally we will try to keep any disruption to a minimum'.

The Department would like to thank passengers in advance for their patience and co-operation whilst these works to the conveyor system take place.

For further information: Ann Reynolds Tel: +44 1624 821601

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